Socio Responsibility

Always give back to Society as much you can, which has given so much. Supports his village school.

Outlook for Change

Quest for success never ends, but some time you meet people who change course of your life. Here are some people who helped me to rediscover myself.

Nature Lover

My love to nature frequently take me on journey far land - me at Srinagar.


I am adventurous - no wonder I am an Entrepreneur.

Close knit family

Its important to keep within family boundings alive - key to happy life.

A Photographer

Amateur photographer who publishes his calendar every year and wild life lover.


Know Yourself Better

“Knowing yourself is the hardest thing in the world because nobody lies to you about you more than you do. So if you want to do well, know yourself better”.

I posted the above status on my Social Media profiles today morning and than kept on wondering that this is not complete and need more explanation. Hence came back to make the above statement more meaningful for readers. And may be help readers with step by step solution of knowing yourself better.

In my experience knowing ownself is the biggest challenge people face and usually most of us are in denial mode about ourselves. People gauge themselves wrongly and mostly feel that they are more capable of than what actually they are. They blame other factors for their failures without realising that they failed due to own short comings. Or at times people underestimate themselves and think that they can’t do certain jobs, where in they possess skills to do the same job. This at times happens due to our own fears.Capture

Many a time we find ourselves in a situation and we have no other choice but than overcoming the situation and we fight hard only to realise some of our hidden skills but till that time those skills remain deeply hidden within us. That means opportunity/ situation unearths our hidden skills to emerge as winner.

HyperCity – Unfair Trade Practice

We all go to BIG branded retailer’s like Hypercity and we shop with trust and we hope that they will be fair to us. However, my wife with her continual experiences of over charging by such retailers always advises and insist on checking the prices which are charged by retailer and printed on the products. She every now and than encounter this and she always tells me her experiences and time she waste to get corrected the prices on invoice and fighting for the same. Today again she recalled about yesterday shopping at HyperCity and asked me to check theimage price on the product and invoice.

To my shocking surprise L’Oreal Paris Hair Colour, which she every time picks up more than one, is being overcharged by Rs. 60. This time she picked up two of them. Here are evidence of unfair price charged by HyperCity yesterday to us.

My wife says this is not the only case of HyperCity where in she has found retailer overcharging her but she undergo similar experiences every now and than with Big Bazar and Star Bazaar too.

Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego

When you see 5 Full Page advertisements of one advertiser in one day in costliest newspaper of the country, what do you call it? I call it “Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego.” In today’s Times of India Mumbai edition there are 5 Full Page advertisements of Indya Estates, a real estate developer launching new project at Bangalore targeting housing for middle income group. Their advertising agency is Six Inches.

Dishonest Advertising?

On last Sunday within few hours I noticed that on my Facebook Wall a particular post was shared by my three different FB friends and I got glued to the caption of it which said: “THE COMMERCIAL THAT’s GOING TO WIN ALL THE AWARDS.” It struck me on face, as it came across as “Dishonest Advertising” to me. I curiously clicked the link which took me to a blog “The Ad Woman.” The 6 lines blog post talks about a 4 minute+ Video/ TV commercial created for Fortune Oil (an Adani Wilmer product) by Piyush Pandey.


With the aggressive web promotion of the video Advani Wilmer is able to create more than 8.6 lac views within 7 days of release of this video on YouTube. However, the blog title “The Commercial That’s going to Win All the Awards” raising few questions in my mind:

Risking Life

I guess India will top the list of Risking Life in reckless hands, no wonder India has most number of road accidental deaths in the world. Everyone blames the Government, poor infrastructure and road safety but no one talks about traffic rules violation, ineffective traffic management and corrupt policing.

The day I recruit my driver my one instruction is very clear to him: “Your job is to pick me from home in morning and safely drop me back at my home in the evening. No matter how much I say to drive fast or that I am getting late and drive fast you will ignore my instruction and drive cautiously and safely.”

My belief is that if I have to risk my life than I would take risk and drive. I can’t risk my life in hand of a person who is not sufficiently qualified and is less intelligent than me. Certainly I can’t trust my driver when it comes to risk my life.

When we Indian drive on road we feel that we own the road and it is the place to show might and power of self. We drive recklessly and honk – two things which we hardly see in western countries. We see our politician never wear seat belts but no one has guts to ask them.

I am shocked that no news channel is talking about the traffic signal which was jumped by the Gopinath Munde’s driver and that he was speeding. No channel is reporting that it was Indica Driver who called the police and reported the accident. I am not aware that these reports are true or not but if yes it is really sad that because of reckless driving popular leader like Munde lost his life.

How to prepare an effective sales pitch

Today a newly joined sales guy in our team came to me with his introduction email which he intend to send to his clients as initial sales pitch. And I ended up advising him below on “how to prepare an effective sales pitch” on a peice of paper. On completing conversation I realised that this information can be very useful for young sales person so thought of putting on this blog too.

Hate Messages on Facebook

Digital World has been flooded by BJP supporters with hate messages on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp post landslide win, demeaning the meaning of BJP’s win in this election. Whether you open Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp you will see your feed flooded with hate messages.

Paradigm Shift in Indian Politics

BJP win has brought fresh breeze of much needed paradigm shift in Indian Politics. It’s been long that under the compulsions of minority Government, the ruling parties were compelled to keep country’s development agenda on back foot. Inability of post Rajiv Gandhi Governments lead to dominance of smaller parties, corruption and criminalisation of politics. Citizens were getting frustrated with this rampage of unethical political class and no wonder when Narendra Modi gave hope of development, Indian Voters voted maturely.

How to increase C Drive Space

A solution to your question “how to increase C Drive Space” is very simple. Though now it appears to be simple to me after 9 hours of extensive research on Google. Problem you face is that you want space back in your C drive from other drives like D or E or any other name to back on C drive. Here is step by step process of increasing C Drive Space:

2014 Elections of India

Finally biggest Dance of Democracy – 2014 Elections of India are over and results are awaited. Excited with Poll Surveys and anticipated response, BJP and it’s leaders are busy in thumping their chests and readying for formation of new Government. People who are anticipating loss are sulking and Rahul Gandhi has said to be out of country, apparently overcoming election stress.

But I am not writing because of all the above reasons. I thought of this blog because this 2014 Election of India is historic in many sense. First time we saw unprecedented voting, first time during election Election Commission seized over Rs. 200 crores (2 billion) unaccounted cash. First time we saw tall poll promises like cheaper petrol, 24 hours electricity or water to every home being made through the blitz of advertising. First time we witnessed that how media frenzy can create or influence sentiment of electoral – rise of BJP and Modi, rise and fall of AAP because of Bhagoda stories which Media kept showing?