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10 Questions, a CMO still faces in going Digital

Challenges of a Chief Marketing Officer:

  1. First and foremost is that a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or marketer feels exposed on Digital. Their fear is that on Digital, they are not in control and it’s a free way for consumers.
  2. Most of the CMOs/ marketers fail to understand that how they can go beyond product story? Also they are not sure that how they can talk about the brand?
  3. CMOs fear that’s Digital is a crowded place and not sure about where their brand will stand in limited period while consumer is online?
  4. And since web is crowded place, how I can make presence of my brand be relevant to my TG (Target Audience)?
  5. Most of Marketers are yet not sure on how they can engage their consumers?
  6. Since I am not in control, I am not sure where my brand will land in case of negative word around it?
  7. Ah.. I don’t have eco-system ready for Digital?
  8. I don’t have enough content to engage my consumers or what content should I offer to my consumers?
  9. I can’t track who is talking what about my brand in Social Space?
  10. How shall I build relationship with my consumers and make them refer my brand?

By Sanjeev Singhai

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