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Your Facebook Page will never Succeed untill…

Each business is talking Social Media and specially Facebook. Each business has or wanting to have a Facebook Page for their business. Each one of them is spending energy and money to make people press the LIKE button on their Business page or to engage their customers. But in spite that everyday millions of people are using Facebook, there aren’t many successful case studied for businesses.

When it comes to successful case studies, why only few are referred as success model? Why Facebook business pages are most talked about the campaign promotion and not business success? What are the missing links in the game of promoting businesses on Facebook and creating direct impact on revenue generations using Facebook Business Page promotions?

Why businesses remains in experimental mode on Facebook and though those are hopeful but are not happy with the outcome they are being able to generate using the Facebook so far? Or why large number of brands, which practically are first to experiment and try out every opportunity a new medium provides, are preferring “wait and watch” policy, when it come to be on Facebook?

I guess while we all try using Facebook reach and strengths, most of us forget about the most critical link – “HUMAN FACTOR”. People like to deal with people and not with dead. And this is a very important point which need to be kept in mind while promoting business page on Facebook.

For users (consumers), Facebook is all about fun of life, it’s about sharing with friends and relatives, it’s about getting update on what’s happening in others life and it’s about telling what’s happening in my life.

So until businesses can’t transform their brands in a person, who communicates and engages with people, success will remain a challenge for them on Facebook. No matter how much money one pumps in promoting FB page, result will never be satisfying.

Therefore marketers should carefully select the advertising agency or team which is assigned to work for their brand/ business’s on Facebook Page. Team working on Facebook business pages must have deep understanding of brands or business they represent and must communicate on Facebook “in person” and not as “third person,” so that they have a LIVE and LIVING personality and not materialistic business or brand persona.

By Sanjeev Singhai

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  • Bhupesh

    Sanjeev, social media is “personal” media. Commercial messages is posted on a bill board will be offensive. Commercial messages have to become part of part of communication/sharing. It’s like, me telling you, “I prefer thums up in my glass of rum”. Brands have to become part of normal conversations and that’s what social media can greatly achieve.

    • Sanjeev

      Dear Bhupesh,
      Well said and abosolutly valid point.
      But I see very few people trying to establish conversation. Current genaration of Marketers seems to be comfortable with advertising and wanting to use Social Media aa medium of advertising. They need to give up their insecurities and be bold.

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